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Smithtown  Elementary  School Yearbook


 Order your 



 ***Due WedNESday, MarcH 1st **** 


Yearbooks are $35 

at this time, being offered to 5th-grade students only


Recognition Ads are FREE!
You do not need to purchase a yearbook to "purchase" and design your recognition ad.

Each 5th-grade student is given one 1/4-page recognition ad in the yearbook. Family members are responsible for logging in to Pictavo and creating the ad. One will not be done on behalf of a student by the committee.

Must be completed by March 1, 2023. NO EXCEPTIONS


1) Go to

2) Log in or create an account

3) Find Smithtown Elementary

4) Click or tap ‘Shop My School’ 

5) Find your products & ‘Add to Cart’

6) Enter student information

7) ‘Check Out’ to complete your purchase!

8) Head to ‘Design’ to design and submit your masterpiece!