FirstName LastName email Chair Comm
Veronica Bonilla email Arts In Education
Jennifer Beinlich email Beautification
    N/A Birthday Club
    N/A Blood Drive
Brandi Serper email Book Fair
Jen Morelli email Book Fair
Fran Uttic N/A Box Tops
Danielle Chisari email Class Pictures
Brandi Serper email Class Pictures
Robin Matejka email Class Parent Chair
    N/A Dine-O-Round
Julianna Donnarumma email Fall Plant Sale
Desiree Zgoda email Fundraising
Sue Bosinius email Fundraising
Gail DeClue email Fifth Grade Committee
Gina Kandrach email Fifth Grade Committee
Liz Kirchner email Fifth Grade Committee
Danielle Roth email Trunk O Treat
Jen Morelli email Giving & Sharing (Food Drives)
Brandi Serper email Giving & Sharing (Food Drives)
Angela Monahan email Health & Wellness/ Tasting Tuesdays
Lisa Todaro email Pastries with Parents
Erica Dimmler email Pastries with Parents
Jennifer Luikart email Movie Night
    N/A Membership
Liz Kircher email PARP
Jackie Pardini email PARP
Anastasia Florek email Popcorn Fridays
Alison Solomita email Publishing
Suzanne Sciacca email RIF Reading is Fundamental
Jen Morelli email SITE
Jackie Pardini email SITE
Jackie Pardini email Clothing Drive
Laura Alarcon email Staff Appreciation
Sharon Gribbin email School Supplies
Diana Small email School Supplies
Sue Bosinius email Spirit Wear
Gina Kandrach email Spirit Wear
Julianna Donnarumma email Spring Plant Sale
Mike Calle email Sports Night
    N/A Raffle Baskets
Debbie Diakou email Website
Kristin Seely email Website
Jennifer Beinlich email Yearbook
Kristin Seely email Yearbook